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How an American Fare Restaurant Increased their Monthly Revenue by 403%

The Client:

Veggies To Go | Soul Food Restaurant

Client was getting no online traffic and was completely reliant on in-store traffic. This owner had decided to use a digital ad company out of Florida and paid for Facebook ads. Unfortunately, the company they hired did not execute on their deliverables. The client was looking to find a partner who can help them create an online presence for their 3 stores.


FetchMe analyzed the client's brand for its restaurants and their story as to how they created their following. FetchMe recommeneded that the client could develop an online presence by offering a single integrated website for their 3 restaurants in order to attract the most traffic and provide their customers with a single place to order. FetchMe developed a combined SEO and PPC strategy in order to drive traffic and ongoing value to the restaurants. The PPC approach recommended by FetchMe was a google ads local campaign in order to achieve a lower PPC and bring customers to the restaurants and the website thereby connecting their digital presence with the physical restaurants

The Results:


Store visits per month from Google


Website visits per month

Today, FetchMe markets for all three locations and are currently bringing this client approximately 162 orders per month. This equaled out to a [50%] 10X increase in monthly orders and a [56%] 10X increase in monthly revenue totaling around $52,000 Per year. The client's website now brings organic traffic to them each and every month with a PPC value of $1,000 per month. These are real numbers with real clients who did not have any way to track or see how much business their ads were generating.