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How an American Fare Restaurant Increased their Monthly Revenue by 403%

The Client:

Pho Lee | Vietnamese Restaurant

Client was getting traffic from national delivery companies, however, the service was poor and did not lead to repeat business. Client was looking to switch to a different delivery and marketing company in order to improve his customer's experience and increase repeat business.


FetchMe analyzed the client's marketing ecosystem and determined that they were too reliant on third-party delivery websites. The client had no ability to drive traffic to their own website or restaurant and was dependent on third-party coupons and attention for a significant part of their traffic. FetchMe recommended the client to implement a website customized to its brand, an SEO strategy to organically attract traffic, email automations and google ads campaign in order to address the resistance in the sales process and improve their customer experience

The Results:


Repeat customers every month to restaurant and website


Return on Google spend

Overall, the client's website now brings organic traffic to them each and every month with a PPC value of $1600 per month.